Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

The holiday season has come and gone, and the new year is upon us, which means that the edge production of "Once on This Island" has ended its run. The performances were a couple of weeks ago at the Tarrytown Music Hall. The ending of this production doesn't just signify the end of another Random Farms show: for some, it signifies the end of a journey. Rachel Stamberg, a current senior in high school, has been performing with Random Farms since 7th grade and took her final bow in Once on this Island. Upon realizing that this was her last show with Random Farms, she stated, "I can't believe my many years at RFKT has come to an end. The memories I made there will last forever!"

Rachel Stamberg gets ready for her final show at Random Farms

Rachel is not alone in finishing her run with Random Farms. Kyle Morales (a current Ambassador), is also a senior who is saying farewell to Random Farms. "Once on this Island was my last show with RFKT," he commented, "And I couldn't have had a better experience. RFKT has taught me so much about being a performer, and I've made life long friends along the way." Although this show was the end for some performers, it was only the beginning for others. Jillian Flynn, a current sophomore, has been performing with Random Farms for a few years. However, Once on This Island was her first experience with the edge shows: "Once on This Island was my first show with the edge program. I met so many talented people and had an overall great experience. I can't wait to participate in it again next year."

Jillian Flynn has fun backstage with another cast member before performing in her first edge show

 In conclusion, the ending of Once of this Island was bittersweet. For those beginning their journey, many new memories await. For those whose journeys have come to a close, new experiences in college are bound to be exciting. However, it is okay if it hurts...because that's how you know it meant something.

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