Friday, January 23, 2015

The New Kid

I am very excited to be part of Random Farms Kids' Theater anti-bullying production of "The New Kid"!  This is my first year with the show, and I am very happy to be playing Eleanore.  "The New Kid" is a show that travels to schools and spreads the important message to just be yourself.  In fact, one of the characters sings a song called "Just Be Yourself".

There are 3 casts of "The New Kid".  Auditions were held in June and we got the great news that we were cast a few weeks later.  We had a busy rehearsal schedule for about 6 weeks beginning in September.  During that time, we not only learned the show, but we became great friends.  Hanging out at dinner break was the best!

The day we travelled to our first school to do the show, I didn't know what to expect from the audience.  The kids in the school loved it!  I think it was special for them to see a show for kids that was done by kids.  After each show, we do a Q&A.  The kids at the school made some great comments about how they would prevent bullying.  They also asked us questions like - how did we learn the whole show, how much school do we miss by doing the show (2 mornings a month), and they even asked if the green rubber frog we use in the show was real.

"The New Kid" is one of my favorite shows that I have been part of.  I love my cast, performing for different audiences, and spreading an important anti-bullying message.

Auditions for next year's casts of "The New Kid" will be in June - don't miss it!!

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